Decorating home, one element at a time.

I first realized that I’m not a blogger the other day when I sat down to blog. And yet, here I am trying to fill a blank space with words. Thankfully, I have always enjoyed writing. But my first love- my passion– is the visual arts. My training is in Art/Art Education and it really doesn’t matter if I’m working with pencils, paint, or clay- I’m most happy when I’m composing a piece of art OR when I’m in an environment that is visually stimulating. Such a place could be found in a gallery, historic building, outside, or as it is now: my home.

So it’s no wonder “cobbling” has become my favorite pastime! Ever since moving into our “big, blank canvas” (as I called my home when my husband and I first moved in) I have enjoyed putting my artistic style on the colors, arrangement and comfort of my space. My personal design aesthetic attempts to marry my vintage/retro/mid-century tendencies (I sometimes wonder if I was meant to be born twenty years before my time) with my new 2003 home. I find this is best achieved through the careful placement of unique colors & textures on a clean, modern line. Need some visuals?


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