Decorating home, one element at a time.

I am a writer by trade and education, but I’ve always scorned the notion of individuals being permitted only one interest. Finally growing up and buying a house has allowed me to become as obsessive about constructing pleasing spaces as I am about Virginia Woolf, creative nonfiction, and the written word in general, and a blog is for me an opportunity to fuse language and design.

My decorating canvas is my 1930s home in the historic community of Irvington, in Indianapolis. Since my home is older, my canvas comes preadorned with ‘flaws’ (bosh! I love the flaws!), like hardwood floors in need of refinishing, or imperfect plaster, etc etc etc, and also beautiful, unique bonuses like loads of interesting trim, leaded glass windows and doors,  and built-in shelves surrounding a brick fireplace. So sometimes my decorating concerns are to fixing up, and sometimes to working within. I don’t mind the balancing act.

Let’s call my decorating aesthetic Color Wonder Eclectic. I love blending the modern with the vintage; I love juxtaposing saturated color against other saturated colors to provide visual interest and energy wherever I can. I believe in pieces of furniture and decor that are in and of themselves special, concluding that if you fill your home with a collection of individual objects that you love, you can find a way to make them work cohesively. (And at least, even if they don’t work cohesively, you are in love with the special objects surrounding you, which I say is worth quite a lot.)

Here’s a mini montage of a few objects, moments, projects from around my house that, I hope, will begin to introduce you to my style. For the rest? Stay tuned to the blog.


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