Rachel here.

I know, right?! (<—- the valley girl phrase that I try to avoid, but it works so well here and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t kinda like it.)

Remember me? I once participated in this blog and then as my kind (and patient) co-blogger pointed out, I was hit with what shall simply be known as the first trimester. Anyway, 31 weeks have past and believe it or not, within that time I have “cobbled.” However, this cobbling has been different, as it has occurred under the affliction of a pregnant-brain. I’ll just say that my mind is more cluttered than my house. I find myself overwhelmed with projects and the pressure to complete them (and then blog about them!).

I’m sure this doesn’t affect just a pregnant brain. All one really needs is a job, or kids, or errands, or commitments, or a husband, or friends, or really- A LIFE- in order to keep one away from the passions that really shouldn’t be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, I am the type of person that needs consistency and routine, because once I’m “out of it,” it can be hard to get back “in to it.” I blame my perfectionist approach to all matters artistic and the unnecessary pressure I put on myself. However tonight as I chatted with Jackie and continued to tackle the projects of the house (which I love to do), I realized (or remembered? #pregnantbrain) that cobbling really is a process. Sometimes it takes time to “get it right” and that’s okay (#themonalisawasn’tpaintedinaday)

So I’m back! And while I may be rusty at blogging and flustered with all of the projects- that’s okay.

Remember this?

I bought if for super affordable ($10? $15?) off of craigslist for this space in the hall (aerial view from stairs):

After debating about paint colors and lining prints, I realized that the only thing I knew for sure I wanted to do with it was add some hairpin legs.

I credit Jackie for this inspiration, as she had just completed a beautiful bench using such hardware! Here is a teaser for her upcoming post. Look at those legs!!

I measured the height I wanted to add to the piece to bring it to an appropriate height and found another great deal for the 8″ legs, this time on ebay. I should mention too that not only do hairpin legs make for a classic mid-century modern look, but they are very strong. This was important as the shelf is already heavy as it is made of solid wood and I planned to house my prized mid-century modern collection in it, too.

After an easy installation process (I’ll let Jackie get into those details) and what was probably a good month of deliberating about all of the many possibilities of how I could change/paint/cobble it, I realized that what it wasn’t for was for collecting mail or all of the other things that got shoved into its useful cubbies.

This was going to have to be a work-in-progress.

Though I’m now pleased to say, I’m happy with it as it is! I guess I just needed some time to realize it. Maybe it will change someday? I won’t worry about it 🙂

Look at those legs!!

Editor’s note: I went back and reread my “The Cobbling Patient” post which started this project. Funny enough- I used the phrase “the mona lisa wasn’t painted in a day” back then, too (sans the frivolous hashtag). I guess this is a lesson I keep learning.

I’m back!