Mein Gott! How long has it been?

No, Rachel and I did not pass away. And no, we haven’t stopped decorating. What has happened, you ask?

Well: after 9 months as a SAHM, I, Jackie, needed to get back to the workforce. So I got a job and I’ve been work-forcin’ since mid September doing that other thing I love: writing.

And Rachel…well, I’ll let Rachel tell you for herself here what’s been consuming all of her energy. I’ve got to say that I understand completely, as just over a year ago I scribed this piece about my own experience.

But all that aside because now it’s time to freaking decorate something. Or at least talk about a means of decorating that is often overlooked by the novice (or even experienced) decorator: the thrift store.

I think my favorite thing about Goodwill and the Salvation Army is, if I ever see any knick-knacky thing that strikes my fancy, I snatch it up and buy it without more than half a second’s thought because it’s THAT CHEAP. So I’ll often buy random object I’m simply drawn to, even if I don’t have a particular plan in mind for them. This is half of the fun of being a thrift store shopper, and half the reward, too. While the ‘impulse buy’ certainly exists within the walls of the thrift store, it hardly carries half of the weight it does in other locations. So after completely avoiding Black Friday Madness (ew), I hit the thrift on Saturday to see if I could make my own marvelous retail adventure.

Here are the results!

Picked this baby up for $2.99. Initially I was thinking, oh man, sweet place for a plant. Or maybe a chic garbage can? Oh the possibilities.

And then…

Check this baby out! The moment I saw it, I was entranced. And for a cool $20, I decided this one was worth jumping on–I’m always on the lookout for distinctive pieces.

The specs: the shelf/cabinet is solid wood, and it has a label on the back that indicates it was made in Franklin, IN. As a resident of Indiana, I love me a made-in-Indiana piece. I figure the shelf is 50+ years old, making it awesome.

What next for this piece? Probably a coat of paint. When I asked my husband what color, he said, “Paint that s*@% gold!”

You got it, honey. I’m scouting some vintagey hued gold tones to freshen this baby up. Updates soon!

And while you wait for me, hit the thrift stores near you and tell us all about your cheap, unique finds. I can’t wait.