Inspired by my co-blogger who was able to confess that “older doesn’t always mean better,” I have decided to follow her lead and admit something myself: My house has a motif.

Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound so bad, but when I first noticed it my eyes grew large and my mind raced with fear!  My God…does my house have a theme?!?!

I shuddered. No joke.

In my defense, while it seems obvious to me now I genuinely had no recognition of what I had done. As a general rule I avoid any type of “theme” rooms, “matchy-matchy” or mass-produced sets of anything.

(NOTE: If you have a bathroom decked out in rubber duckies, do not be offended. If you like rubber duckies, then you probably like that bathroom and your objective has been achieved.)

After my initial panic I calmed down, analyzed my situation and was able to turn my perception around. I didn’t have a “theme,” but rather a “motif.” This is allowable. Reoccurring patterns/shapes/subjects/etc. are useful in any design concept as the repetition brings unity. In fact, cobbling is a wonderful venue for this principle of art. Also, my motif isn’t limited to a single room or space, but spans the first floor and (now that it’s warm) even the outside!

So today’s decorating recommendation: discard the “theme” and embrace the “motif.” Here is mine: