Rachel here. Is it too early to divulge the most needed quality and yet, worst part of cobbling? Dah well, here it is: Patience.

Who hasn’t suffered from and with it? I could approach this valuable attribute from different angles:

  • As a former art teacher… patience was needed when sixth grade boys insisted on including guns in every composition (Arkansasans are born in camo) or when the “mature” high school male was so inspired in his painting that he would not restrict his paints to the canvas.
  • As a current admission counselor…(still) dealing with some high schoolers who live in an instant world and who expect immediate gratification without necessarily exerting any effort. Having patience can be helpful when working with people who lack it.
  • As a painter/artist…well, the Mona Lisa wasn’t painted in a day.

Now in my cobbling… Patience consumes the process as I’m planning, visualizing, searching, waiting, searching some more, arranging, waiting again- all in the goal of creating a unique space. Maybe if I controlled time and could put everything else off? Or just ignored “everything else” that needs to be done in a day? Hmm…

It’s hard for me to cope with an incomplete space and I have a fair share of those. However, I try not to compromise my design aesthetic and goals just to have a space be “done”…if indeed that is a stage that can be attained.

One such incomplete space is at the bottom of my stairs:

Early on I decided that I didn’t want an everyday, entry way/console/sofa table. Since the space is visually unavoidable and predictable, why settle for the expected?

I’ve envisioned a real piece de resistance: an old card catalog, an antique radio, a gossip/telephone table, some type of old store display cabinet… whatever it would be, I knew I’d know it when I saw it.

And then, I did. And that’s the best feeling- to have your patience met- the waiting over (I know Jackie knows exactly how this feels, but for more than just cobbling!).

Let’s call this “before” and I ask your patience as I transform it into “after.” Hopefully soon!