It’s really quite amazing and even overwhelming to stop and think about color.

I know undoubtedly my dear co-blogger would agree that even picking a color for a wall can be an arduous task (though completely exciting at the same time). When I, Rachel, was picking a color for my __________(pick a room) I came home with about 9,489 swatches… all of the same color and with such fun names (who gets this job and where do I apply?!). For example, for my “green” dining room we had hues like:

  • “Field Grass” (I get it, the creator is referencing the green of a field)
  • “Summer Watermelon” (clearly the creator is hungry)
  • “Restful” (okay, obviously after naming 9,488 swatches of green the creator is very tired and seeking sanctuary in a color)

We went with “Restful” and are quite content.

But all of the colors!! It can be mesmerizing to stand in the paint aisle at Home Depot/Lowe’s/(pick a room), soaking in the infinite arrays of color. And then to coordinate/design/cobble with existing colors… such agonizing bliss!

I almost had this feeling the other night while helping my husband with what is his major work project: building & designing a website. He was at the point of choosing the color palette. After finding an image that inspired us (and would be included in the background), we set about selecting colors that would complement this image and introduce some needed warmth.

It was at this point that he introduced me to a “color aisle” of the computer world:

Here it is! A place where you can experiment with different colors and not only create colors and palettes- but name them! Other reasons to like this site:

  • You can adjust the amount of a color to reflect its usage within the palette (think “accent” color)
  • You can browse through the palettes of other creators & connect with people who love color as much as you do

I’m still exploring the different features of this site, but I encourage any “colour lover” who could use a colorful distraction to try his/her digital hand at creating the palette of a current “(pick your room)” or the next one!

And here is a sneak peek at our website color palette that we call: