In Inspiring Spaces, we your Cobblers will post pictures of spaces and places we find compelling and energizing, spaces that we feel have something particularly wonderful to teach us about decorating and design. For our first inspiring space, we invite you to the living room of Liz, a marketing communications consultant who lives in Minneapolis, Minn.

Liz has translated her love of bright colors into a mis-matchy fabulous room that makes primary colors cool for Us Big Kids.

“I tend to be drawn to bright colors (hence the bold red and blues),” says Liz. “If there is option other than black, I tend to take it.”

How does Liz decide what stuff to invite into her world?

“I have never cared too much about being matchy-matchy–I think eclectic/hodge-podge=homey, hence the different color pillows and blankets, posters, lamps, etc. from different points in my life.”

Liz, we applaud your color wonderful living room that commemorates all of your past experiences while still being visually dynamic. Thanks for inspiring us.